Helpful Hints for Packing and Moving

Getting ready for your move:

  1. Prepare appliances: empty, unplug, tape down electrical cords
  2. TV’s: Disconnect all cords and electrical devices hooked up to it
  3. Inform movers of: fragile, old, weak pieces, loose legs, broken pieces, etc.
  4. Mark boxes appropriately: boxes that may be fragile or contain glass
  5. Also mark them for proper placement in the new home.
  6. Tape both the bottom and top of each box!
  7. Organize areas such as attics, tool sheds, and garages. These areas are very time consuming for the mover if things are disorganized. Mowers and gas cans must be drained.
  8. Dressers, desks, and end tables should be emptied — especially breakables. Clothing, bedding, and linen can be left in drawers, if you would like.

On moving day:

  1. Give the movers a run though of the home to advise what should and should not be taken
  2. Before leaving the old residence, make sure nothing has been left behind
  3. At your new residence, it is very helpful if you direct the movers with each item for proper placement as it is brought in.
  4. Elevator moves: Inform building management of the move and check to see if a key is necessary for elevator